ESR 10 - The development of electrochemical and optical biosensors for online monitoring of micro-bioreactor

Host: UOULU; Supervisor: Adama Marie Sesay

The overall objective of the doctoral study is to develop electrochemical/optical biosensors for the detection of small molecules and metabolites (e.g. ketones, alcohols, lactate, low molecular carbohydrates etc..) for online monitoring of microscale bioreactor processes.  The aim is to make available sensors or sensors units that are able to be easily integrated within or externally of a micro-bioreactor setup, and therefore ESR10 will be contributing to the modular toolbox concept within W6.  Micro-bioreactor and integrated sensor applied study for online monitoring of small molecules is expected.

Tasks and methodology

The ESR task is to develop electrochemical and surface plasmon resonance biosensors (SPR) utilizing dye assisted enhanced SPR and other nano-materials and micro technologies for online detection of small molecules in process samples and sensor integration. Optimisation of the developed sensors is intended to enhance the sensitivity and selectivity properties of electrochemical sensors by introducing nano-materials such as carbon nano-tubes, graphene, mixed metal oxides and colloidal gold. Different electro-active mediators will be investigated for specific integration within sensing composite for disposable and semi disposable biosensors.  Development of analytical and fabrication design integration methods and evaluation studies for complex process sample matrices will be required for sensor optimisation. and evaluation

  • Micro-fluidic and sensor toolbox ready for use by the other partners
  • Interface system/protocol with standard diagnostic systems developed
  • Micro-bioreactors with integrated sensors tested in cultivation and bio-catalysis