ESR 1 - Micro scale reactor system development with integrated advanced sensor technology (WP8)

Host: DTU; Supervisor: Ulrich Krühne

The overall objective of this PhD study is the development and test of miniaturized bioreactor systems equipped with advanced sensor technology developed in work package 8 by other partners (TUG/UOULU and UNICZ). The ESR will therefore be involved in the design phase of the reactor systems, contributing to the modular concept developed in WP6 and will after succesful development test the system in different case studies.  

Tasks and methodology

One of the first tasks will be the integration of the developed sensor materials based on polymers with an embedded indicator dye into micro devices made of glass or polymers (together with TUG). Subsequently, in the following task an imaging system based on a stereomicroscope equipped with a colour CCD-camera for parallel monitoring of an MBR array will be set-up with TUG. During the sensor development TUG will follow two strategies:1) A multi-layer-sensor consisting of an oxygen sensitive layer, an enzyme layer and a diffusion barrier will be elaborated. 2) A simple-layer-sensor consisting of core-shell nanofibre mats (core containing the oxygen sensitive dye and shell containing the immobilised enzyme) will be elaborated. ESR1 will focus on the integration of such sensor materials into a bioreactor system that can be used for fermentation as well as into a reactor system in which biocatalytic reactions can be performed. Afterwards, the coupling of the bioreactor system to standard diagnostic methods will be investigated and novel developed sensor systems from UNICZ and UOULU will be tested by integration of those sensors into the setup. In the final task the ESR will develop and test a control module for controlled nutrient supply in MBRs, which is essential for cell based process development applications.

  • Measurement set-up for parallel read-out of microbioreactors
  • Control module for controlled nutrient supply in MBR
  • Microbioreactors with integrated sensors tested in cultivation and biocatalysis
  • Nano-sensor particles tested in cultivation (WP6)  and biocatalysis (WP7)
  • Magnetic nano-sensor particles tested in cultivation (WP6) and biocatalysis (WP7)