Micronit BV

Key persons: Marko Blom, Elwin Vrouwe

General description

Micronit performs design and manufacturing of lab-on-a-chip microfluidic devices. The Micronit R&D therefore focuses on the development of new and improved manufacuring processes, and on the addition of generic microfluidic functionalities. Furthermore Micronit develops microfluidics chips with standard functionalities, such as microreactors and micromixers at various scales.


Generic MBR design and application to specific network-defined challenges and development of required functionalities (such as valving). Micronit will host one ESR, will participate in the TSB and will participate in exchanges.

Key competences and facilities

Microtechnology. Microfluidics lab with pumps, (fluorescence) microscopes, ovens and computerised dispenser. Manufacturing cleanroom, also accessible for R&D work.