ER 3 - Microfluidic bioreactor design for monitoring and control

Host: iX-Factory; Supervisor: Oliver Winkelhake

  • Design and fabrication of micro bioreactor with sensor layers for in situ monitoring and control
  • Integration of different sensor layer materials
Tasks and methodology

The task is to fabricate microbioreactors with integrated optical sensors based on luminescent sensors and NIR spectroscopy for precise in situ monitoring and control. The ER will focus on the design and the fabrication of MBRs for use with different integrated sensor layers materials for monolithical integration like nano-sensor particles, magnetic nano-sensor particles and core-shell nanofibre. The key parameters are dissolved oxygen (DO), and pH.

  • Microfluidic toolbox is ready for use by the other partners
  • Microfluidic Plug and Play interface developed
  • Report on mass fabrication strategy for selected chemo-enzymatic reactor
  • Parallelisation of process and reaction platforms, standardisation of key parameters