CerCell Aps

Key persons: Per Stobbe (CEO),

General description

SME company Stobbe Tech A/S (www.stobbe.com) is a university spin-off R&D company founded in 1986 developing through various Frame Program projects technologies within porous materials designed for industrial applications. Such as; 1, hot gas cleaning such as Diesel-Particulate-Filters (HotgaSys, Cerfil), 2, hot surfaces for solar tower application (SolAir, HydroSol), 3, ceramic membranes for separating particles from liquids (NanoSponge), 4. single-use products for the pharmaceutical industry (Atlantis). Number of employs in ST over the years ranging between 3 and 15 persons depending on the obligations. Most of the technologies has reached the commercial status and are handled by previous daughter companies such as; NoTox A/S (DPF) and LiqTech A/S (NanoSponge) and other licensee takers associated with production of porous ceramic products for environmental protection. App 200 direct jobs in EU have been created by the research performed by ST over the years. Company CerCell Aps (www.cercell.com) is a 100% daughter company of ST and a function of the results from ST participation in the FP6 Atlantis project. CerCell is designed to be responsible for the production, commercialization and marketing of products within the pharma business. Stobbe Tech is 100% private owned and responsible for the design of the world-first CellCore bioreactor (integrating scaffolding) for continuously mammalian cell cultivation.

Per Stobbe and Flemming Petersen participated in various FP, FP5, FP6 projects as partner and/or coordinator since 1988:

  • FP4, FP5, FP6 projects; HotGaSys, NanoSponge, SolAir, HydroSol, CerFil, FlameSOFC, Atlantis.
  • Denmark sponsored R&D projects: diesel particulate filters, hot gas filter, liquid filters.
  • Germany sponsored R&D projects coordinated by Aachen University of Applied Physics.

Development of miniaturized disposable reactor systems for applications between 1ml and 50 ml with integrated scaffolding mini perfusion. Integration of various sensors for online measurements.

Key competences and facilities

Design, prototype lab, CAD facilities, product development and production facility for the CerCell, biopharma product portfolio. Development collaboration of single-use-sensors with Fogale, Presens, C-CIT.