ER 5 - Miniaturized Single Use Bioreactor Systems

Host: CerCell; Supervisor: Per Stobbe

The CerCell PD will focus the efforts on the design and fabrication of disposable reactor principles in this size. Especially implementation of scaffolds and integration/interfacing with various sensor types will be investigated. In cooperation with partner UL.

CerCell PD will use the disposable reactors between 1 and 50 ml for benchmarking of the biocatalytic reactors at microscale. This is highly relevant, since it must be clarified if the information gained from the micro-reactors can truly be used for scale up.

CerCell PD will investigate the performance of the developed sensor systems in their disposable miniaturized reactors and will especially investigate the implementation into scaffold based systems.

Tasks and methodology:

The bioreactor system will be investigated and novel developed sensors will be tested by integration of those sensors into the setup if possible with CerCell PCS (Process Control System).


Possible integration of the developed product into CerCell PCS (Process Control System).