ER 1 - Microfabrication - Development of versatile microbioreactors

Host: Micronit; Supervisor: TBD

The overall objective of this project is the development, manufacture and characterization of miniaturized bioreactor systems equipped with advanced sensor technology. The ER will be heavily involved in the design of the reactor systems and the modular concepts in close collaboration with the other project partners.

Tasks and methodology

The first task is to design and test standard microfluidic unit operation blocks based on the concept of a versatile platform (WP 6). Next the functions that have been developed will be used to develop and fabricate enzymatic bioreactors (WP 7). As a second parallel task, sensing layers will be integrated into the bioreactors for on-line monitoring of the reactions (WP 8). All work will be performed in close collaboration with the academic partners.

  • Microfluidic toolbox for use by the other partners
  • Development of standard protocols for microdevice coating and functionalization to avoid adherence of microorganisms
  • Report on mass fabrication strategy for selected chemo-enzymatic reactor.
  • Optimization of enzymatic processes within MBR (WP7), development of MBR of optimized geometry
  • Parallelisation of process and reaction platforms, standardisation of key parameters
  • Analysis of substantial scale-relevant issues for future PAT and GMP applications
  • Evaluation of immobilization methods suitable for wide range of biocatalysts and for multi-enzyme and chemo-enzyme process conditions