Key persons: Antonio L. Medina-Castillo, Ángel Valero-Navarro, Juan Díaz-Gómez, Jorge F. Fernández-Sánchez, María Carmen Arias-Navarro,

General description

NanoMyP® is a Spin Off company of the UGR which is specialized on the design and synthesis of polymeric and hybrid nano and microparticles, linear and crosslinked polymers and copolymers, and smart materials with tailored physicochemical properties to customer needs. It also has several research lines, consisting, mainly, on the design on biocatalytic nanoestructured textiles (a new generation of smart textiles which can be used for a high and effective covalent immobilization of biomolecules).


Optimization of the conditions to produce the covalent immobilization of biomolecules on the products produced by nanoMyP. Development of new smart material for immobilising biomolecules. Evaluation of these materials for developing microbioreactors. Adaptation of these materials in the development of screening methods for biocatalytic process development

Key competences and facilities

NanoMyP offers the manufacture of polymeric and hybrid nano and micro-materials by using electrohydrodynamic techniques (EHD; electrospinning and electrospray), as well as the microencapsulation of chemicals in polymeric materials by using spray-drying, dripping, micro-emulsion, coacervation or interfacial polymerization. For these purposes, NanoMyP has specialized staff and a fully equipped laboratory. In addition, it has signed a contract with the UGR for using the Scientific Instrumental Centre of the UGR which complements the available instrumentation.