1st International Training Course - Application of microbioreactors (MBR) in bioprocess development


September 24-28, 2018, TU Braunschweig, Germany


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The EUROMBR project

Watch this movie to get to know the EUROMBR project. Meet the international veterans and future stars of the microfluidics research world, who are all working hard to score the ultimate scientific goal of taking the revolutionary game of microfluidics to the next level through the support of the EUROMBR project.

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Microfluidics and Microreactors

See what we are doing and learn more about the world of microfluidics. Discover how microfluidics has changed the scientific research game from the macro days to the microbioreactor arenas. Learn more about the many great advantages microbioreactor-based products have for us and our environment.

Please visit also www.worldofmicrofluidics.com/