University of Braunschweig, Institutes of technology

Key persons: Prof. Rainer Krull

General description

At the Institute of Biochemical Engineering we deals with all aspects of Biochemical and Bioprocess Engineering from modelling and optimization as well as metabolic engineering. To date about 50 persons including non-scientific personnel are working at the ibvt.


TUB will lead WP6, host ESRs from DTU, TUG and UL, provide network-wide training activities (organization of Meeting 6), and chair the Recruitment Board. TUB will emphasis their investigations on the screening of different biocatalytic reactions with immobilized enzymes in a parallelized vertical micro bubble column reactor (70 µL reaction volume) platform in batch and continuous mode. Also the homogenization and mass transfer performance as well as the on-line monitoring of dissolved oxygen and/or optical density are in the focus of the investigations.

Key competences and facilities

Competences: Systems bio(techno)logy of bacteria and eukaryotes (polyomics technology platform, in silico analysis of metabolic networks, systems metabolic engineering); Bioprocess Technology (multiphase reactors, micro-bioreactors as screening instruments, biofilms in biocatalysis and medicine); Industrial Biotechnology (tailor-made cell factories and bioprocesses, production of chemicals and materials, material use of renewable raw materials); Pharmaceutical Bioengineering (microbial production of active ingredients, systems biology of pathogenic microorganisms).

Facilities: 1600 m2 of up to date laboratories for cultivation, analytics, microbiology and molecular biology including a “Technikum”. Complete chemical and biological instrumentation for the control of bioreactors (µL- to pilot-scales), HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS, FACS, RT-PCR, 2D-Gel Electrophoresis, particle characterization (FBRM, laser diffraction, image analysis), CLSM, ESEM.