University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Key persons: Prof. Polona Žnidaršič Plazl; Prof. Igor Plazl

General description

The Microprocess Engineering Research Group was established in 2004 at the Chair for Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering. 


UL host 2 PhD students and is involved in all WPs and as well as in the organization of the International Conference on Implementation of Microreactor Technology in Biotechnology IMTB 2015  in Opatija, Croatia

Key competences and facilities

Key competences of the group include theoretical analysis of fluid dynamics, transport phenomena and (bio)reaction kinetics, as well as the development and optimization of (bio)chemical and separation processes within microstructured devices involving free and immobilized enzymes and cells.

Facilities: several syringe pumps, different microreactors, optical microscope, GC and HPLCs, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, titrator, a microwave reactor with 2.45 GHz magnetron generator, rotational rheometer. Fully equipped laboratory for biotechnology and bioengineering including laminar flow chambers, several thermostated shakers and different bioreactors. Other relevant facilities available within the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology include on-line FTIR, ICP-MS, SEM, NMR, DSC, STA, Circular Dichroism spectrometer, a set of instruments for microstructure analysis.