ER 2 - Fermentation in Microbioreactors, Biocatalysis in Microbioreactors

Host: ChipShop; Supervisor: Richard Klemm

The overall objective of this ER work is the development and test of microfluidic modules and  miniaturized bioreactor systems and the ones equipped with advanced sensor technology realized by MFCS.

The ER will therefore be involved in the design phase of the reactor systems, contributing to the modular concept developed in WP6 and will afterwards test the system in different case studies.  

Tasks and methodology

The first task will be the design of the microfluidic modules and the overall bioreactor. The realized parts will be fluidically characterized with different fluids. A fluidic protocol will be developed. Afterwards the intended overall process will be transferred on chip and the biological reaction will be established and the system will be characterized. This process will happen on module and system level.

  • D 6.1 Microfluidic toolbox is ready for use by the other partners
  • D 6.5 Microfluidic Plug and Play interface developed
  • D 7.3 Microfluidic chip performing liquid-liquid extraction or other product separations such as evaporation, suitable for integration with bioconversion reactions.
  • D 7.4 Microfluidic platform for chemical and enzymatic reactions, amenable for different immobilization methods
  • D 7.6 Report on mass fabrication strategy for selected chemo-enzymatic reactor.