The EUROMBR management structure consist of different levels to distinguish decision-making from operational management. 


Supervisory Board (SB)

Members: Coordinator DTU, All full partners, All associated partners


  • Executes, monitors and coordinates research projects;
  • Organises meetings; Implements personal development plans;
  • Communicates and optimizes across partners, sets up channels and exchanges best practices;
  • Identifies IP and knowledge ownership; Advises Coordinator;
  • Has meetings prepared and reported on by CO
Recruitment Board (RB)

Members: Chair (TUBS) + 2 members


  • Defines skills requirements for recruited researchers;
  • Advises concerning recruitment;
  • Reports to SB
Training Supervisory Board (TSB)

Members: Chair (UCL) + UL, TUG, Micronit


  • Ensures balanced individual training taking into account private sector and transferable skills needs;
  • will ensure equal level of training throughout partner institutions;
  • Reports to SB
Advisory Board (AB)

Members: 2 external industrial members; 1 external university member


  • Reports to SB and CO;
  • gives advice on IPR and commercialization opportunities;
  • gives advice on industrially relevant training activities;
  • Has meetings prepared and reported on by CO.
Coordinator (CO)

Members: Coordinator DTU, Dedicated project manager, DTU support staff


  • Is in charge of financial management,
  • communicates with EC and submits reports;
  • Assures information dissemination (intra, extra);
  • Monitors progress;
  • Coordinates publications;
  • Prepares and chairs meetings and prepares minutes;
  • Reviews deliverables;
  • Addresses contractual and financial manners;
  • Is supported by local management team, including administrative project manager
Fellow Board (FB)

Members: Alll fellows


  • Discusses training issues;
  • Recommends to SB;
  • Has one representative entitled to raise specific issues with SB