ChipShop GmbH

Key persons: Dr. Claudia Gärtner (CEO), Dr. Holger Becker (CSO)

General description

ChipShop’s core competence is the design, realization and evaluation of microfluidic components and systems and respective instruments. Extensive experience in respective fabrication technologies of polymer based microsystems, and hybrid microsystems including polymers and other materials is at hand. ChipShop offers a comprehensive catalogue with directly available standard microfluidic components including necessary accessories to run the chip as a microfluidic toolbox for a direct and easy performance of microfluidic assays. ChipShop’s microfluidic toolbox includes mixers, droplet generators, active and passive valves, liquid and dry reagent storage and is permanently updated.


Generic MBR design and application to specific network-defined challenges and development of required functionalities (such as valving). ChipShop will host one ESR, will participate in the TSB and will participate in exchanges.

Key competences and facilities

Design, realization and evaluation of microtechnological components and systems, in particular microfluidic systems, and instruments to run these systems. The company is situated in its own building with 2500 sqm area including extended clean room facilities (class 10.000 and 1.000), injection molding, hot embossing, casting, ultra precision milling, EDM, assembly lines surface functionalization and fully equipped chemical and biological labs for the evaluation of the systems.