University “Magna Graecia” of Catanzaro - Laboratory BioNEM

Key persons: Gerardo Perozziello

General description

The laboratory BioNEM (BIO and Nano Engineering and technology for Medicine), is active on national and international scene through numerous collaborations and projects that are based on the use of Micro and Nanotechnology. The unit is multidisciplinary as they include physicists, engineers, chemists, biologists, physicians, medical doctors all involved in activities of micro-and nanofabrication, microfluidics, cellomics, genomics and proteomics.


The unit will take care of the design, fabrication and testing of plasmonic and photonic nanodevices which, coupled to an instrument for Raman spectroscopy, allow the label-free detection of amines and ketones, typical biocatalytic reactants and products down to a resolution of picomol. Another activity will be the development of a microfluidic device in which we will integrate the nanosensors. The microfluidic devices will allow to handle and treat the biological samples so that they can get in contact with the sensors in an optimal condition.

Key competences and facilities

The unit of Catanzaro has an extensive knowledge of the mechanisms of microfluidics, plasmon resonance, to increase the local electric field due to appropriate nano geometries, possesses deep expertise in the techniques of micro and nano fabrication, and implementation of microfluidic systems. The laboratory BioNEM (Bio and Nano Engineering and technology for Medicine) is the first in Italy in a department of Experimental medicine to be fully dedicated to biomedical problems.