WP1 Project Management and recruitment

The overall legal and financial management of the project is the responsibility of the EUROMBR partner DTU. The DTU partner is one of the leading chemical engineering departments in Europe, with micro-scale, lab-scale and pilot plant facilities available. The DTU partner has more than 50 industrial partners through various research consortia linked to research centres, and is currently managing several large multidisciplinary research projects including academic and industrial partners. The DTU partner, through its long experience with joint industrial projects, will manage efficient technology transfer between the academic scientists and industry.

The recruitment of suitably trained and motivated researchers to the programme is one of the most important tasks and has been done in full consideration of The European Charter for Researchers – the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers as published by the EU (http://ec.europa.eu/eracareers/pdf/am509774CEE_EN_E4.pdf). The recruitment process has been managed by the Recruitemt Board (RB) with the help of the Management Team who ensured that the process was fully transparent, internationally competitive and gave due consideration to gender balance and equal opportunity.