The partners in this interdisciplinary consortium are competent players in the scientific and commercial field of microtechnology, biotechnology and process engineering. Collectively, they have the necessary synergies in the field of microfabrication, material development and process development, and have an impressive track record in the research community. The consortium is formed by six research institutes and five dynamic SMEs, which will result in a vibrant and fruitful work environment for the ESRs and ERs.



Technical University of Denmark  Denmark Technical University of Denmark - Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Krist Gernaey, Ulrich Krühne



University College London United Kingdom University College London, Department of Biochemical Engineering, Nicolas Szita


Technical University Graz  Austria Graz University of Technology - Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry

Bernd Nidetzky, Torsten Mayr



University of Ljubljana

 Slovenia University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Polona Znidarsic Plazl, Igor Plazl


Technical University of Braunschweig  Germany Technische Universität Braunschweig - Institute of Biochemical Engineering Rainer Krull


University of Oulu

 Finland University of Oulu - Measurement Technology unit (CEMIS-OULU) Adama Sesay


University of Cantazara  Italy University “Magna Graecia” of CatanzaroLaboratory of nanotechnology (BioNEM) Gerardo Perozziello



 Netherlands Marko Blom


Microfluidic Chip Shop

 Germany Ingo Schulz



 Germany Dominuique Bouwes



 Spain Jorge Fernandez



 Denmark Per Stobbe