Meeting 4: Implementation of microreactor technology in biotechnology, IMTB 2015, 3rd International Conference

A 3-day conference in Dubrovnik (organizer ) – month 20. This meeting will be a follow-up of the first international thematic conference IMTB 2010 (Ljubljana, Slovenia, organized by UL in September 2010) and second IMTB 2013 (Cavtat, Croatia, May 2013, co-organized by UL) which is planned to run on a biannual schedule. Estimated number of attendees: 150 (open to researchers outside the programme, it is expected to have about 100 attendees from outside the consortium). The conference will cover several aspects of microreactor technology with the emphasis on its implementation into biotechnology, targeting all the main WPs of this project: enzymatic microreactors and whole cell MBRs (WP6 and 7), analysis within microstructured devices (WP8), and modeling and integration of bioprocesses at the microreactor scale (WP9). The speakers will be both investigators from the programme as well as from outside. There will be several poster sessions where the researchers on the programme will be expected to present their work. The expected format will be 8 plenary and invited lectures, 20 short lectures, 4 poster sessions. Additional financing of the meeting will be provided. Through industrial contacts of the different CoE’s researchers active in bioprocess development will be specifically targeted when inviting researchers outside the project to this meeting. For the ESRs and ERs active within EUROMBR, establishing a link between EUROMBR and the IMTB conference series creates a unique opportunity to gain experience with attending international conferences.