Meeting 6: Microbioreactors and cultivation

A 3 day workshop including ESR and ER presentations in Braunschweig (organizer TUBS) - month 30. Number of attendees: 10-15 (only open to the programme). Cultivation – i.e. processes generating bio-products, such as biomass, lower molecular weight metabolites (primary and secondary), or higher molecular weight components (e.g. recombinant proteins) – is one of the specific application fields that is addressed in this programme. Following a short introduction to cultivation technology in general, the workshop will have focus on basic examples of key problems that will be worked out during the course. Based on example data sets, the following topics will be introduced:

  • Elemental and first-principle balances for batch, fed-batch and continuous processes
  • Transport phenomena in microbioreactors
  • Biological reaction kinetics (biomass, growth, product formation)
  • Process state monitoring and estimation (software sensors)
  • Experimental noise reduction, hybrid model approaches
  • Parameter identification; static and dynamic process optimization