Meeting 2: Microbioreactor fabrication methods

A 2 day course in London (organizer UCL) - month 12. Estimated number of attendees: 15-20 (only open to the programme). The course will be an introduction to various aspects of microreactor fabrication. The course will be important for all researchers involved in microreactor development (WP6 – WP7 – WP8) to give them an overview of the toolbox of methods and the equipment that is used for MBR manufacturing.Specific reactor design case studies will be presented by representatives from UCL, Micronit, TUB and DTU. TUG will give an introduction to methods for on-line sensing in microscale reactors. The course ends with an open discussion on application of the various methods in the specific research projects of ESR’s and ER’s. This course on Microbioreactor fabrication methods will be combined with a project management course given by DTU.